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Product typeUnisex Perfume

Product titleAndaluiza

Sale price From €5,99Regular price €0,00
Regular price From €5,99
Unit price €2.995,00  per  l
Wild Lemon
Product typeUnisex Perfume

Product titleWild Lemon

Sale price From €4,99Regular price €12,99
Regular price From €4,99
Unit price €2.495,00  per  l
Fashion Intervention
Product typeUnisex

Product titleFashion Intervention

Sale price From €6,99Regular price €0,00
Regular price From €6,99
Unit price €4.660,00  per  l

Perfume Events

  • 05 July

    Blind Testing Game in Olching


    Participate in our exclusive fragrance discovery experience, where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of perfumes without any preconceived notions of their appearance, price, or marketing strategies.



Our average delivery time is 3 to 7 days within Germany and 6 to 21 days within Europe. For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please refer to our Shipping Policy on the website or contact us at

*TMF samples

A TMF sample (TryMeFirst sample) is a small sample we provide with some purchases to give you an opportunity to try products before fully committing and opening a full-size product.

How it works with perfumes:

For perfumes costing over €75, we include a 1-1.5ml sample. This lets you try the scent before opening the full-size bottle, ensuring you love your purchase. If the full-size bottle remains unopened, you can return it if you're not satisfied.

How it works with skincare products:

We strive to provide samples with each skincare product whenever possible. If a sample is not included, it means the vendor did not supply one. For hygienic reasons, we cannot create skincare samples ourselves.

Products that come with a sample are clearly marked. For example, an eye cream might be listed with a full product volume of 15 ml and include a TMF (Try Me First) sample. This allows you to "try it first" before opening the full-size product. Please note that once the full-size product is opened, it is not returnable.

As an example, you can check this product: Hydramemory Depuff Eye Cream.

Blind Tests / Surprise Samples

With every order, regardless of price and product, we include a surprise sample or blind test. This is a perfume sample lets you experience a fragrance without any preconceived notions related to its name, price, packaging, brand, or history. It's a fun way to discover new favorites. If you find a fragrance you love, feel free to email us to reveal its name!

We believe that choosing a fragrance should be all about you and the fragrance itself, free from the influence of brand and marketing. Our Blind Testing Discovery Kit allows you to try fragrances without any bias.

Simply share your perfume preferences with us, and we will curate a set specifically for you.

For more details, please visit: Blind Testing Discovery Kit.

The Blind Testing Game offers a unique opportunity to try fragrances without knowing the brand, alongside other perfume enthusiasts. We believe in the importance of community and strive to bring passionate people together.

We host regular events in Munich and at our showroom in Olching, where you can join fellow fragrance lovers to discuss and enjoy perfumes.

For more details, please visit: Blind Testing Game Events.