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According to ancient Chinese wisdom, everything within our Universe can be attributed to one of five elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The Five Element Theory is fundamental to Chinese disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and martial arts.


The elements exist in a continuous and dynamic system of growth, depletion and opposition in order to create and maintain balance.

The secret to happiness, health and success is maintaining a perfect balance of the elements both around and within us. There are many tools we can apply to enhance the elemental balance in our bodies and our lives.

What better way to reinforce this process than through the power of a unique olfactory experience.

Elementals places ethics, integrity and purity of intent at the core of its operation. Our products are gender neutral, vegan, cruelty free, phthalate free, humankind and bee friendly.

Elementals contain only the finest raw materials macerated in organic alcohol to allow the purity and power of the elements to shine through and connect with you on an energetic level.

‘If you could bottle what Deana does, I would drink it!’ G.H., UK


Each of us is born an element that exists within a dynamic system providing us with innate characteristics that are elemental in nature, dictating our purpose, our relationships, our career choices and our health. We are infused with these energies based on the configuration of the stars at the hour of our birth. Within this constellation, there will be some elements that support us more than others.

Throughout our lives, we are instinctively drawn to the elements that are key to our well-being. This is the fundamental premise for choosing your Elementals fragrance. Elementals are not about what element you are. They are about what element you need. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs!

A common thread flows naturally through all five fragrances making them perfectly layerable and balanced as a whole.

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