Giardini Di Toscana

Giardini Di Toscana

Giardini Di Toscana is an Italian niche perfume brand founded by Silvia Martinelli. "The gardens are the place where Silvia finds inspiration for her signature perfumes, smells are an integral part of the experience of a garden: the essences of Giardini di Toscana evoke memories ranging from childhood to more intriguing moments, from the hypnosis of flowers to grandma's cookies, from school pencils to invigorating citrus fruits; from the intangible undergrowth to the corporal musk.

Being intoxicated by the fragrances of your garden during the day and also at night makes us live a true experience of the senses and the spirit; in Tuscany the garden is a meeting place between architecture and nature, the relationship between the work of man and the earth is the result of a loving understanding with a poetic flavor. It is in this land that the story of an olfactory journey among the fragrances of the most authentic perfumery originated in 1942.

In a picturesque medieval village in Casentino in the heart of Tuscany, grandparents Giovan Piero and Emma Ducci opened the "shop", which became the Perfumery ; the recipe book that the grandfather wrote after his experience as a pharmacist, gained in creating fragrances and ointments, is still preserved today.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the business continued with his daughter Irma who, with her class, transformed the original business into a prestigious and elegant shop.

In this environment was born Silvia, creator-composer of author's perfumes from Giardini di Toscana, a line conceived as a union of craftsmanship and renewal, using the most refined raw materials treated with the most ancient and fascinating techniques." - a note from the brand.

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