Naso di Raza

Italian company active in niche perfume market since 2014 with
fragrances conceived in Italy but produced in France
It was born from the casual gathering of people who don't reject
power of persuasion of a fragrance.
RAZA in spanish means game but also race, and then on the fishing line are a few
noses aligned, determined to transform poems, paintings, emotions, promises into
Nose games, challenges, opinions, street artists, fashion and harmonizing
architectures, because you can shut your eyes and close your ears in front of
beauty or melody, but nothing you can do to oppose the power of persuasion of
a fragrance.
The debut of the new four fragrances of 2017, made with love and
passion, the new bottle and the sculptured cap, open a brand new chapter.
The new interpretation of Luca Maffei and Cecile Zarokian highlight the new
path. The collection is completed later by Patrick Bodifee and Michelle Moellhausen.
On 2023 the iconic curly cap is joined by the heavy, stilish round one.

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