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For this creation, the enveloping sensuality of Patchouli essence is sculpted by the honeyed sweetness of benzoin.

This deep fragrance is imagined ethereal with notes of tangy bergamot and slightly mentholated cardamom.

A hint of magic, a ylang-ylang petal, revisits this woody oriental.

Harmonious and captivating

INDIA - PATCHILAI eau de parfum is much more than just a fragrance: it is a celebration of the splendor and exoticism of India, a fascinating land where mystery, charm and wisdom combine to offer a unique sensory experience.

This subtle and refined fragrance is a tribute to the history and culture of this country, where ancestral traditions meet modern innovation to create an exceptional harmony.

Embark on a captivating olfactory journey with this intoxicating essence and let your mind travel to exotic and fascinating lands.



A bewitching symphony of the Orient captured in a sophisticated eau de parfum!

INDIA - PATCHILAI Eau de Parfum is an olfactory masterpiece that captures the very essence of India. This subtle and refined fragrance is a harmonious symphony of warm, woody and spicy notes, which evoke the mysteries and charms of the Orient.

From the very first notes, tangy bergamot, minty cardamom and enigmatic incense invite you on an unparalleled sensory journey. This combination of aromas creates an intriguing and almost mystical ambiance, evoking the colorful and bustling souks of the Orient.

At the heart of the fragrance, delicately sweet ylang-ylang and elemi create a sensual and enveloping aura, inviting you to relax and let go. You will feel transported to a lush garden where tropical flowers mingle with spices and precious woods, creating a most refined olfactory harmony.

The base note is the centerpiece of this composition. Patchouli, the star of this fragrance, blends subtly with amyris and sesame to create a deep, woody scent reminiscent of the sacred forests of India. Benzoin, sweet and honeyed, adds a touch of warmth and sweetness to the whole, creating a lasting and memorable experience.

INDIA - PATCHILAI Eau de Parfum is a perfect choice for lovers of powerful and elegant fragrances. She embodies the exoticism and sophistication of India while creating a unique and captivating sensory experience. Be proud to wear this refined creation and let yourself be transported to distant horizons.