Explore the captivating story of Coreterno, born in Rome and raised in New York's vibrant streets. A brand where forgotten artists' spirits are revived through luxury fragrances, accessories, and jewelry, celebrating eternal love and creativity across 40 countries.

In the bustling, creative melting pot of New York City, a brand was born that encapsulated the essence of eternal artistry and rebellious spirit. Coreterno, meaning "eternal heart" in Italian, represents more than just a name; it embodies a philosophy that intertwines the past's rich artistic heritage with the present's innovative spirit. Conceived in Rome's historic heart and brought to life on the cosmopolitan streets of New York in 2015, Coreterno has since woven a narrative that speaks to the soul of those who dare to dream differently.

Under the visionary leadership of Creative Director Michelangelo Brancato, Coreterno has become a beacon for those who find beauty in the darkness, those who seek to break the mold and express their uniqueness. Brancato's guidance has steered the brand into the realm of the extraordinary, where archetypal symbols from Rock and Pop culture merge with the haunting beauty of nineteenth-century portraits, illustrations, and antique etchings. This fusion of elements, reinterpreted with a modern twist, has culminated in a collection of luxury accessories, fragrances, and jewelry that defy conventional definitions of art and fashion.

Coreterno's aesthetic is a tribute to the rebellious artists, poets, painters, and engravers of bygone eras—those brilliant minds long gone and forgotten, whose spirits are now resurrected through the brand's offerings. Each product, from the intricately designed fragrances to the unique jewelry pieces, serves as a canvas upon which the tales of these historic figures are retold, inviting the wearer to partake in a journey that transcends time and space.

The brand's global reach, with its presence in over 40 countries, is a testament to its universal appeal. Coreterno speaks to a community of individuals who are not bound by geography but united in their pursuit of passion, creativity, and an eternal love that defies the limitations of the material world. It is a story that continues to unfold, driven by the relentless quest for beauty in the unconventional, for a connection that spans the ages.

Coreterno's journey from the ancient streets of Rome to the bustling avenues of New York encapsulates a tale of transformation and enduring love. It stands as a reminder that in the world of Coreterno, art is not merely observed but lived. The brand invites all who encounter it to embrace their inner rebel, to find their eternal heart, and to join in the celebration of a love that knows no bounds. Coreterno is not just a brand; it is a movement, a philosophy, and a way of life, ever-evolving yet timeless, just like the eternal heart it symbolizes.

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