Jupilò is the perfect harmony between apparent contrasts and unexpected harmony.

It is the geographical crossroads of a life path that links Rome and Paris, bohemian environments and sweet life, workshops of French noses and oenology methods.

It is, last but not least, the echo of family memories that resonate in the heart and mind of Lorenzo Zaccheo, soul of the brand, who manages to combine the delicate sensitivity of the sommelier, the demanding rationality of the prince of the forum and the instinct virile and impetuous of the boxer.

The passion for beauty, with a simple and exclusive taste, is the leitmotif of the whole project.

The eclectic perfectionism that Lorenzo places in the careful and rigorous selection of the best essences, symbols and valuable materials that characterize the packaging, translate into an essential style with refined details, elegantly luxurious.


Jupilò is the search for the "great perfume", carried out in collaboration with some of the best noses in the world: Vanina Muracciole, Arturetto Landi, Christian Carbonnel.

A cathartic and metaphysical process that starts from a memory and an attempt to bridge gaps. Because perfume is divine essence and its memory can make us eternal.


The appearance of the pack is essential, sober and sophisticated at the same time. It highlights a geometric and rational imprinting that combines well with the luxury elements that recur in the style of Jupilò.

The cap made of precious zamak stands out as a seal on the bottle, the result of research and planning by a well-known studio of Italian architects and designers. The inverted step pyramid is a reference to the classification method of blends. The version presented at Esxence is entirely painted in gold.

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