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Extrait de Parfum

Grenache was born from the travels made by Lorenzo in the southern Rhone Valley, between Orange and Avignon, one of the most renowned areas in the world for the quality of the vines. It is the fruit of the overwhelming passion for an extraordinary and particularly fine wine, which has become legendary.

Châteaneuf-du-Pape, complex, powerful and full-bodied, is an important red that boasts an ancient and fascinating history. It dates back to the fourteenth century and, more precisely, to the period in which the papal seat was moved to Avignon. From that moment, in fact, the popes gave great impetus to the viticulture of the area and the Vino dei Papi became the wine for special occasions; the one served to the nobles, ambassadors and cardinals who went to visit.

It is Grenache, the main vine of this dedicated area, which gives the Châteaneuf-du-Pape an aromatic range that has no equal in the world, characterized by a strong and spicy fruitiness.

As one Châteaneuf-du-Pape, Grenache is a refined and distinctive perfume, intense, opulent and elegant at the same time. A particularly persistent fragrance for connoisseurs that bewitches, seduces and is remembered.


Red Wine, Plum, Mango, Currant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Praline, Saffron, Orange Tarocco
Roses, Jasmin, Orchid
Vanilla, Chocolate, Benzoin Sumatra, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli