How to train your nose?

Article published at: Oct 7, 2022 Article author: Antonina Kozmina Article tag: perfumes
How to train your nose?
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How to train your nose ?

☑️Sniff everything around ….
Literally - EVERYTHING …

Spices, sweets, flowers, plants , people, textile, fur of your cat and etc …

And your olfactory “vocabulary” will grow day by day …

☑️ try to describe what have you just sniffed 😂

Think about it, compare your impressions and feeling, try to pack into different adjectives

☑️ adjectives can be completely from different spheres and “worlds”

Try to describe the smell though different characteristics:

Color 🎨

tactile sensations 👋

Sound ( loud, tender , silent & etc)

Temperature (warm , cold , freezing )

☑️ find “your” people …

Share , discuss and get inspired from others …

How differently can we all perceive and describe the same scent, right ?

And what are your tips for training your nose ?

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