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When you have this feeling everything goes wrong and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, just remember: you're great! You're freakin awesome! And you deserve the best. 

At that day when you have to be absolutely awake and aware, put those three layers on you and use it as a shield to protect that sensitive core in you.

And here is our recipe for that:

That shield contains the strong and confident scense of amber, vanilla, patchouli and... wait for it.. toffee; wraped up in chedar leaf with a pinch of sea salt and finally crustated with a hint of a beautiful french rose.

With this shield you'll conquer the world!

Here is your Layering Set:

1. Base:      2 ml or 8 ml sample of The Majestic Amber by Alexandre J
2. Middle:  2ml or 8 ml sample of Sea Salt by Agua de Baleares
3. Top:       2ml or 8 sample of Burning Desire by Orlov 

*P.S. in case some perfumes are not available, we will inform  you in advance & you will get a full refund for your order