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Terralba Masque Milano - Opera. Interpreted by Delphine Thierry. Eau de Parfum.

Head Notes: Clary Sage, Lemon, Green Tangerine.
Heart Notes: Myrtle, Thyme, Curry Leaves, Everlasting Flower.
Base Notes: Lentisc, Juniper, Cypress, Cedar Wood.

“Terralba” is the name of a small town in Sardinia. Not only it sounds beautifully: in Italian is a name full of imaginery, as “Terra” means “earth”, and “Alba” means “Dawn”. Every time we utter that word, our memories of summer vacations in Sardinia are immediately recalled. The Mediterranean shrubland – so earthy, so rough, almost wild – might seem in stark contrast with the “lightheartedness” of the sea breeze.

Once you start wearing Terralba, it is hard to shake its memory, right from the signature opening: a radiant solar lemon and fresh and saline air of the Sardinian coast. Delphine seasons Terralba, suggesting sand and herbaceous ozonic air, a mix of metallic dampness, the ocean weeping. Her rub of salted blue-grey sky over the woody mastic, juniper and woods is wonderfully atmospheric.

Terralba was the first fragrance launched in the collection. It was created by Delphine Thierry, which is also the nose behind the creation of Montecristo. After hearing the briefs about the line, Delphine explicitly asked to create both fragrances – so different yet both allowing her to express her “free spirit” in fragrance creation: the sunset on a Mediterranean island and the set of the day in an old Tuscan mansion.