Selva do Brazil

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Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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Selva do Brazil, the simplicity of a plant-based fragrance

From the Portuguese "selva do Brasil" = "forest of Brazil", it evokes the Amazonian forest which offers lushness, warmth and humidity.

This grand cru reveals an original, unreal nature... A gentle shower falls from the sky to touch the skin, in a moment of freshness and lightness. This perfume, a grand cru made from grape varieties from the ends of the earth, offers a sublime and harmonious trail.

Paraguayan petitgrain, Brazilian tonka bean and Argentine guaiac wood combine to create a lively, racy tone, like the sap that flows from the heart of the selva trees.

Tonka bean from Brazil - Petit grain from Paraguay - Guaiac wood from Argentina

Olfactory creation by Jennifer Riley.