Sainte + Figue

Vendor : Francesca Dell'Oro

Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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"For this new project I have decided to deepen the study of an emblematic and fascinating raw material, a true symbol of Mediterraneanism that can be declined in various meanings: we are talking about the fig, a sacred and venerated fruit as well as its plant, natural elements that for the man have always been full of meanings and functions.

What struck me most is the double significance that this precious fruit has acquired in our religious tradition: the biblical narrative mentions the fig tree by name as an entity that presides over birth but also leads to damnation. fig, in our cultural history, is a pure hymn to life, fertility, prosperity and guides the link between pleasure and sensuality; as a fruit with a strong erotic charge, it invites carnality with its evocative sexual references, it encourages vigor and passion.

It is therefore not surprising that this time the snake FD'O dissolves from the brand logo to twist, dark and multiform tempter, along the branches of a tree so full of voluptuous meanings.''

(Francesca Dell'Oro)

Top Notes: exquisite accords of fig pulp, green notes of fig leaf, balsamic and spicy olibanum oil
Heart Notes: velvety and sensual ambroxan, essential oil virginia cedar wood
Base Notes: absolute bourbon vanilla, absolute cistus labdanum , sumptuous and oriental patchouli, amber woods