Over the Rainbow


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This wonderful imagination that at the end of the rainbow you'll find a treasure box and when you'd cross over the rainbow you'd find a paradise garden with white and pink unicorns, flying fairies and green meadows bestrewed with colorfull and exotic flowers. 

The breeze brings over all kind of aromas. The wonderful mix of:

fresh juniper, insense, cypress and fresh cut oranges, selva trees, brazilian tonka beans and Argentine guaiac wood, lovely cherry blossom, jasmine and patchouli.

Wanna visit this wonderful place? Just put and wear these three beautiful layers on you and you'll find yourself in this magical garden.

Here is your layering set:

1. Base:      2 ml or 8 ml sample of White Plumage by Francesca Dell'Oro
2. Middle:  2ml or 8 ml sample of Selva do Brazil by Berdoues
3. Top:       2ml or 8 sample of "Somei Yoshino" by Berdoues 

*P.S. in case some perfumes are not available, we will inform  you in advance & you will get a full refund for your order