MUSHUSSU - BABYLONIA eau de parfum

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Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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This creation evokes the hanging gardens of Babylon, where the protective genius MUŠHUŠŠU watches over.

The noble and powerful essence of Oud wood welcomes frosted mint leaves.

Against a dark background of woods and spices, this fragrance possesses the tawny intensity of an alliance of racy sensuality and intoxicating freshness.

A few words from the perfumer, Etienne Morlon :

Mushussu evokes for me this vanished greatness, a refined opulence without extravagance.

Like the Tower of Babel, the fragrance is intended to be rectilinear, flowing and connecting the divine through incense to the earth through oud. A mythical and mystical journey.

Carnal, spiritual, leathery, Oriental Eastern woody

Pepper, Elemi, Incense,
Pepper Mint,
Incense, Labdamum, Sandal, Oud