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Imagine yourself in the heart of an Atlas valley, in a lush oasis where water trickles gently between palm trees and wild flowers.

The golden rays of the sun warm the earth, while the wind brings a cool and pleasant breeze.

It is in this enchanting setting that MAZHAR - ATLAS is revealed, a subtle eau de parfum that captures the very essence of this idyllic oasis.


Fragrance Family 

Floral Oriental

MAZHAR - ATLAS : Eau de parfum for men and women

MAZHAR - ATLAS Eau de Parfum is an invitation to a magical getaway in a lush oasis in the Atlas Valley. Enriched with the benefits of Neroli essential oil, this eau de parfum helps you relax and feel in harmony with your environment.

From the first notes, you are enveloped by the suave sweetness of Mandora, a fruity fragrance reminiscent of citrus fruits. This sensation is completed by the subtle touch of Neroli, an essential oil with relaxing and balancing properties for the nervous system. You will feel a feeling of relaxation and deep well-being as soon as you spray this eau de parfum.

At the heart of this fragrance, you are transported by orange blossom, a soft and bewitching floral note that evokes the beauty of the surrounding nature. You will feel in harmony with your environment, and in symbiosis with the natural elements that surround you.

Finally, the base note of cedar completes this olfactory composition, offering a woody and warm touch reminiscent of the cedar forests found near the valley. This uplifting, sunny fragrance is ideal for those looking to reconnect with nature and escape from their stressful daily lives.

MAZHAR - ATLAS eau de parfum is the ultimate expression of olfactory excellence and superior quality, hallmarks of the FiiLiT brand. Each fragrance is the result of uncompromising craftsmanship and a rigorous selection of noble and rare ingredients. By choosing MAZHAR - ATLAS, you become the ambassador of a prestigious brand that combines excellence and exclusivity.

Wearing a FiiLiT fragrance is a symbol of distinction and exquisite taste. It is an invitation to discover a world of sophistication and elegance, where every detail counts. Treat yourself to the ultimate refinement, a timeless and exclusive luxury that will sublimate your entire being.