Jasmine of ATHENS

Vendor : Theodoros Kalotinis

Product Type : Women Perfume

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eau de Parfum

Jasmine of ATHENS


"Each fragrance I create carries with it a unique story, a fragment of my deepest emotions transformed into scent. "Jasmine of Athens" is no exception. This fragrance is born from a moment of pure inspiration, captured while wandering the sun-kissed alleys of Athens. It is a perfume that speaks to the heart, evoking a sense of freedom and the allure of dreams.

On a bright Athenian day, I found myself entranced by the jasmine's charm. Its delicate blossoms, flourishing in the warm sunlight, seemed to flirt with my very soul. In that moment, I plucked a jasmine flower and continued my journey to the Acropolis. Standing amidst the ancient ruins, a gentle breeze stirred my emotions, whispering of freedom and adventure. This sensation, so vivid and exhilarating, inspired a desire within me to encapsulate those fleeting notes into a fragrance.

"Jasmine of Athens" is an olfactory celebration of this experience. It is a fragrance that captures the essence of a sunny day in Athens, where history and beauty intertwine. The heart of this perfume is Jasmine Absolute – a pure and intense expression of jasmine that embodies the flower's captivating aroma. Its presence in the fragrance is like a dream made tangible, transporting the wearer to those enchanting Athenian streets.

The inclusion of Tiare blossom adds an exotic touch, reminiscent of distant lands and untold stories. This floral note, with its creamy and lush profile, intertwines seamlessly with the jasmine, creating a symphony of scents that is both alluring and comforting.

Vanilla, with its sweet, slightly powdery essence, provides a grounding base to the fragrance. This note brings a sense of warmth and depth, balancing the florals with its rich, enveloping aroma. The vanilla in "Jasmine of Athens" is more than just a scent; it is a symbol of the sweet memories and emotions that inspired this creation.

"Jasmine of Athens" is a fragrance that invites exploration – not just of the world around us, but also of our innermost dreams and desires. It is a scent for the dreamer, for the one who seeks to capture the essence of freedom and beauty in a bottle. This perfume is an explosion of freshness and energy, a testament to the power of inspiration and the art of fragrance creation.

In summary, "Jasmine of Athens" is not just a perfume; it is a story, a journey through the streets of Athens captured in a bottle. It is a fragrance that promises to seduce with its unique blend of jasmine, vanilla, and Tiare blossom – a scent that encourages every woman to explore her deepest dreams and embrace the freedom that comes with it.