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Eau De Parfum

A new take on Cologne, combining the freshness of citrus fruits with the bite of blue ginger.

Madagascar: land of colours and contrasts.

Alexandra was inspired to make Gingerlise when she encountered an endemic variety of ginger that turns blue in the light. Light is the Ariadne's thread of creation, where the sky meets the ochre earth.

A refreshing explosion of citrus fruit heralds the start of the festivities, soon joined by zesty ginger with hints of lemon and verbena. Gradually, angelica root brings out the earthy notes of ginger, and the citrus gives way to a bed of amber and musk, drawing out the delights of a sunset on the red island: the earth and sky finally reunited.

Main Notes 

  • Bergamot
  • Ginger
  • Angelica


Alexandra Carlin

Olfactive Family: Spicy Heperide