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Top Notes: saffron, davana, coriander
Heart Notes: osmanthus, orange blossom, rose, jasmine sambac 
Base Notes: patchouli, vetiver, oud wood, amber, vanilla, musk

Compelling like an emotion between your fingers, like a mysterious adventure, like the nature of things.

A perfume with clear contours, with a touch of glamor embedded in the oriental soul, endowed with a strong and at the same time persuasive image that knows how to whisper the pleasure of excitement. Sumptuous saffron, davana and coriander open the top notes with a biting and decisive momentum. The jewel-like heart of the fragrance contains an interweaving of rose absolutes, Sambac jasmine and osmanthus. The sacredness of Oud wood blends with Indonesian patchouly, Haitian vetyver, precious amber and Bourbon vanilla, giving the base of the fragrance an arcane and intense charge.

Diving into the realm of perfumery is akin to embarking on a quest filled with emotion and mystery. It's a journey that transcends the mundane, where each scent is a narrative waiting to unfold, a secret whispered softly in the breeze. Today, we explore a fragrance that is not just a perfume but a declaration of elegance and complexity, a blend that speaks to the soul with its oriental heritage and a modern twist of glamour.

At the heart of this olfactory adventure lies a concoction that is as compelling as the emotions it evokes. The fragrance opens with a bold statement, a trio of top notes that beckon with an irresistible pull. Saffron, with its golden hues, offers a rich, leathery warmth, a prelude to the mysterious and exotic journey ahead. Davana, a rare herb, adds a fruity, slightly woody twist, introducing an element of the unexpected. Coriander, with its spicy, woody aroma, rounds off the initial sensory explosion, providing a spicy burst that invigorates and entices.

As we delve deeper, the heart of the fragrance unveils a floral bounty, a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature. Osmanthus, with its sweet, apricot-like scent, blends seamlessly with the lush, citrusy notes of orange blossom. Rose and jasmine sambac, the jewels of any fragrance, offer a timeless elegance, their intoxicating aromas weaving a tapestry of floral majesty that captivates and charms.

The base notes provide a foundation that is both mysterious and profound. Patchouli and vetiver bring an earthy depth, grounding the fragrance with their woody, smoky undertones. Oud wood, revered for its rich, complex scent, adds a layer of sophistication, its rarity and value echoing the luxury of the perfume. Amber, with its warm, resinous aroma, and bourbon vanilla, with its sweet, comforting presence, create a lingering warmth that envelops the senses. Musk, a final touch, lends an animalic depth, ensuring the fragrance leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to experience it.

This perfume is a testament to the art of perfumery, a craft where every note plays a crucial role, and every ingredient tells a story. It is a fragrance that does not merely scent the skin; it adorns it, transforming the wearer into a canvas for an olfactory masterpiece. With its clear contours and oriental soul, it whispers the pleasure of excitement, promising an adventure that is as sumptuous as it is mysterious.