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The Discovery set is a preview of our Oud Collection, 4x glass vials with:

Tango Oud by Cécile Zarokian
Russian Tea Oud by Julien Rasquinet
Mandala Oud by Christian Carbonnel
Love Kills Oud by Caroline Dumur

With the new Ruby Collection, MASQUE MILANO gave to 4 perfumers full freedom of expression, asking them to reimagine fragrances as follow:

  • CĂ©cile Zarokian reinvented Tango
  • Julien Rasquinet conceived a new, oud-soaked Russian Tea
  • Christian Carbonnel reimagined Mandala
  • Caroline Dumur show us the perfect marriage between Rose and Oud in Love Kills 

Our talented noses reimagined their masterpieces, employing the most revered raw material in perfumery: Oud.

When the Aquilaria tree – a large tree native of South-East Asia – is affected by the ascomycetous mold, the tree protects its core creating a resinous secretion – the resulting dark and resinous heartwood is called agarwood. Agarwood itself, as well as its essential oils, are both referred to as Oud. Whereas before the infection, the Aquilaria wood is virtually odorless, oud has a rich, musty woody-nutty odor profile, and is considered the “gold” of the perfume raw materials, especially in the Middle East. It is often burnt in houses and used as a perfume for the person.

The aromatic qualities of agarwood are influenced by a number of factors, including the geographic location, the specific tree, the length of time since infection, and methods of harvesting and processing. Our Ruby Collection will let you experience different types of Ouds, each one carefully selected to transform and enhance four masterpieces of our Opera Collection.

4 MASQUE MILANO masterpieces, reimagined using one legendary raw material.