Discovery Set / HAPPY FRAGRANCES/ vol II


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Discover the Scent of Happiness with the Discovery Perfume Set from

What does happiness smell like? It's a question that might seem abstract at first, but at, we believe we've captured its essence in our exclusive

Discovery Perfume Set.

This carefully curated collection is not just about fragrances; it's about evoking the pure, unadulterated joy of life's most delightful moments.

In this discovery set you will get:

*P.S. in case some perfumes are not available, we will inform  you in advance & you will get a full refund for your order


The Happiness Set: A Symphony of Scents That Spark Joy

Our Happiness Set is a testament to the art of fine perfumery, each fragrance chosen for its ability to lift spirits and inspire delight. Let's unveil the scents that make up this extraordinary collection:

1. ROSE DÉSIR - DAMAS by FiiLiT Parfum du Voyage (2 ml or 8 ml)

Immerse yourself in the romantic allure of ROSE DÉSIR - DAMAS. This fragrance is a love letter to the legendary Damask rose, renowned for its exquisite beauty and intoxicating aroma. Each note is a petal unfolding, revealing layers of velvety richness, subtle spice, and a touch of sweet fruitiness. It's a scent that captures the essence of a blooming rose garden at dawn, filled with the promise of new beginnings and lasting memories.

2. Mandarine Sultane by Alexandre J (2 ml or 8 ml)

Awaken your senses with the vibrant and zesty Mandarine Sultane. This fragrance is a celebration of citrus splendor, featuring the sun-kissed freshness of mandarins. Infused with a cocktail of juicy fruits and underscored by a whisper of sensual musk, this perfume is like a burst of sunshine, evoking the joy of a carefree summer day. It's an uplifting, energizing scent that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

3. WID by Jazeel Perfumes (2 ml or 8 ml)

Discover the mysterious and captivating world of WID by Jazeel Perfumes. This unique fragrance is a blend of traditional and modern notes, creating an olfactory experience that is both familiar and intriguingly novel. With its rich, deep base and exotic, spicy top notes, WID is a perfume that speaks of ancient tales and contemporary tales, a scent that is as complex and joyful as life itself.

Our Commitment to Your Happiness

At, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that the journey to finding your perfect scent is deeply personal. Should any of these fragrances be unavailable at the time of your order, we will inform you immediately and offer a full refund. We believe in honesty, transparency, and in bringing joy to your life through the art of perfumery.

A Fragrant Path to Joy Awaits

The Happiness Perfume Set is more than just a collection of fragrances; it's an invitation to explore the diverse and rich landscapes of scent. Whether it's the romantic embrace of ROSE DÉSIR - DAMAS, the lively spirit of Mandarine Sultane, or the intriguing depths of WID, each fragrance in this set is a step on a joyful journey.

Embark on this aromatic adventure with and discover the scents that resonate with your happiest moments. Each spray is a promise of a smile, a reminder of the beauty and joy that life offers. Let these fragrances be your companions in crafting unforgettable memories and in celebrating the simple yet profound joy of being alive