Crystal Love For Her

Vendor : Attar Collection

Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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The conception of Crystal Love for Her and for Him is the elixirs of love, it is like a union of two lovers.

The perfumers team was inspired by famous Middle Eastern legend about love between beautiful Leyla and Arab poet-bedouin Majnun.

Once upon a time in Arabia the young man fell in love with Leyla. But the girl’s father didn’t let them to marry and organized her wedding with another man. When the poet find out about this he left his home and started to roam in the desert. His heart was shining from the sorrow and he wrote a poems in the sand about his beloved Leyla.

The composition of Crystal Love for Her personifies character of beautiful Leyla, painting her soft and gentle features.

From the first notes perfume strikes you with its unusualness and pure luxury. The fragrance is saturated with seductive notes of warm bourbon vanilla. In the heart of scent there is a spicy nutmeg with a combination of a cloud of sensual white musk which lies on a substrate of milk chocolate.

The top notes of charming Persian roses muffle the scent of a sweet fruit cocktail and complete this elegant masterpiece!