Flamme Ardente

Vendor : Maison Violet

Product Type : Candle

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Flamme Ardente embodies a remarkable display of strength and artistry.

It boldly conveys the notion that a candle is fundamentally a flame
,simultaneously igniting passions, providing solace, offering protection, and casting a warm glow.

Its scent tells a unique story; black pepper ignites like a spark, while cypress, nutmeg, and patchouli evoke the comforting embrace of fire, defending and uniting. Finally, incense, cedar, myrrh, labdanum, and vetiver conjure the essence of what burns, reddens, warms, and eventually fades into memory. Only the fragrance endures. The candle may extinguish, but its lingering essence will continue to grace your senses and your home. 

Top notes Black Pepper
Heart notes Cypress, Walnut
Nutmeg, Patchouli
Base notes Incense, Atlas Cedar and
Virginie, Myrrh abs, Ciste labdanum,
Vetiver Haiti

Adapted for small and medium-sized rooms
100% vegetable wax
Capacity : 
Burning time : 55 hours
Format: height 9cm; diameter 7.4cm

For the initial use, let the candle burn for 2 or 3 hours.

Switch off when all the wax has become liquid on the surface.
Cut the wick evenly. (ideal length 3 to 5mm)

When extinguishing, make sure the wick is straight and centered.

After burning a candle, it is advisable to ventilate your space.
Always keep a lit candle under supervision.