Almond Blossom

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Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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The islands are synonymous with summer and the sea, but also the winters when the almond trees bloom and sweeten the air. You don’t need to travel to Japan for sakura; you can come to the islands or put on some Almond Blossom. It’s that easy.

Top: White rose, almond flower and lychee.
Heart: Peony, freesia, lily of the valley and almonds.
Base: Amber, magnolia and cedar leaf.

Almond flower: A delicate, subtle, romantic and elegant note.
Lychee: A water fruit which gives the accord tenderness and stability.
Freesia: A symbol of subtlety and charm.
Rose and peony: Giving the accord softness.
Lily of the valley: A warm, welcoming, all-enveloping aroma which is at the same time very light. The symbol of friendship.
Magnolia: Its “sillage” (the scent left behind by the perfume) is one of the notes with most personality.

Contains natural essences. Eau de Toilette.