Where else and how can you apply perfume, besides pulsating points ?

Article published at: Mar 27, 2023 Article author: Antonina Kozmina
Where else and how can you apply perfume, besides pulsating points ?
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Perfume is a kind of business card, but invisible: it is often remembered, recognized and subsequently associated with a certain person.

To prolong the sound of notes for a long time, you need to know the tricks in applying. The perfume comes to action from human warmth and opens up well on thin skin with closely spaced vessels: such points have an elevated temperature, and pulsating blood helps to actively release the fragrance.

However, points behind the ears, the inner surface of the elbow and the solar plexus are far from the only places where niche perfumes can be applied.

In order for luxury perfumes to unfold on the body and leave a lingering trail, they can also be applied to:

  • Hair.  Perfume will haunt you all day and give you pleasure, but it is important to remember that you need to try perfume first, without this initial encounter, you might feel uncomfortable wearing it all day.
  • Back of the neck. This is especially true for those who are in a relationship, because kisses on the neck are so intimate, and if they are also accompanied by an incredible aroma, then the pleasure will be completely limitless;
  • Outer side of the wrist. If you like to gesticulate in the process of communication, then such a trick is definitely a great option for you. During communication with you, the aroma will either appear or fade away, enveloping your interlocutor with its captivating notes.
  • Calves and knee bends. Perfumes, like the flickering of a candle, are able to envelop you and give your image magic. And even when you go down or up the stairs, and others do not see your face, they are already forming your image. It is believed that in these areas the fragrance also keeps well, and it also acts especially exciting.

In general, "Apply perfume wherever you want to be kissed," Coco Chanel advised.

Another convenient way to evenly distribute perfume is to spray it in front of you and enter the resulting cloud. Thus, the aroma was evenly distributed throughout the body, clothing, and hair. Believe me, the aroma will be very well felt by others. A random smell can trigger an avalanche of memories that seemed to disappear from memory forever. A man often does not pay attention to the style and color of your dress, he may forget what you talked about on a date, but he will remember your individual aroma for sure. Even if you are far from each other, the familiar smell flashed by will make him remember you. Try for yourself this way of applying top fragrances and you will understand what we are talking about.

It is important to note that fragrance samples can be revealed differently on the human body, and therefore what is ideal for one person may not be suitable for another at all. Therefore, it is so important to try before buy.

If you want the fragrance to give pleasure for as long as possible, it is better to choose perfume samples with persistent formulas.

For example,

  • Narcos'is by Vertus Paris is suitable for lovers of oriental fruit compositions - this perfume should be tried by those who want to feel the aroma of coffee, exotic mango, cardamom and precious amber throughout the day. 
  • Jardins De Misfah is a fragrance that combines date, rose absolute, rose essence, saffron, almond. This gourmand fragrance is completely devoid of the heaviness that is sometimes inherent in the fragrances of this group.
  • Azora is a fragrance that can be a perfect gift for her. It is simply incredible: the top notes start with a fresh citrus accord of orange peel and airy bergamot, the heart of the fragrance is oriental flowers and fruits (peach and lychee), and the base notes are musk and woody accents.   
You can buy perfumes online, which were discussed above, as well as other incredible fragrances at the most pleasant prices in our store. 


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