There's a story. Moscow Mule

Article published at: Oct 24, 2022 Article author: Antonina Kozmina Article tag: perfumes
There's a story. Moscow Mule
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Moscow Mule by Juliette has a gun

A young prince was walking down the seaside, thinking about how rich his kingdom became. He had it all! The wealth, the success and the youth. The only thing was missing was a beautiful, wise and loving wife. These thoughts occupied his mind for a while now…

He loved to walk down this side of the sea, because every time he was here a beautiful white swan appeared and accompanied him. Sometimes he talked to it as if it was his old friend and it seemed to understand him. From time to time silly thoughts came into his head. He imagined how beautiful a woman could be with the grace of a swan. So delicate, so fine and elegant… It could be the most beautiful woman he’d see in his entire life..

With these thoughts on his mind he didn’t notice how the waters of this blue sea became turbulent and stormy. The waves started to foam on those edges… He didn’t see that swan anymore. Where is it?!

Suddenly he heard the thunder rolling and a lightning bolt struck the surface of the sea… The intensity of this spectacle was so hard that he had to cover his ears and close his eyes… but after several minutes everything stopped as suddenly as it began.

He opened his eyes, uncovered his ears and…

Grace and elegance in every move, deep blue eyes like the ocean itself and hair like the moon light… He couldn’t get his eyes off of her…

The pearl of the sea borned like the Venus from the sea foam...


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