How to Give Perfume as a Gift and avoid a mistake?

Article published at: Jun 5, 2023 Article author: Antonina Kozmina Article tag: perfumes
How to Give Perfume as a Gift and avoid a mistake?
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Choosing the perfect gift is like walking a tightrope, balancing between expressing your affection and finding something that the recipient would genuinely enjoy and find useful. This can be an especially challenging endeavor during the holiday season when you're juggling multiple gifts and trying to make each one special or on some special occasions of your beloved ones.

One Christmas I decided to get a custom piece of jewelry for my partner.

I spent hours scouring stores and browsing online. The anxiety was palpable – will he like it? Is it his style? Is it unique and personal enough? All these questions buzzed in my head until I finally saw the joy in his eyes upon opening the gift. It was all worth it.

Then there are occasions like Father's Day. It's so easy to fall into the 'socks-and-tie' trap.

Last year, I decided to go a different route. Dad of my husband had a certain classic cologne from 4711 that he used to have for years.  He still liked to use it, but always saying that it is not the same anymore, as it was 20 years ago. I have checked some reviews on it on fragrantica and profumo, have smelled his cologne again, asked him what was so special in the bottle of this scent 20 years ago and have ordered for him some alternatives. Shortly saying – he liked my choice and the smile on his face was priceless.

These experiences taught me an important lesson: the best gifts require playing detective. Paying attention to the little details, the casual mentions of 'I like this' or 'I wish I had that'. That's where you can find the most genuine and appreciated gifts.

When the holiday season is approaching, you might be considering giving perfume, a gift that can be both personal and risky.

Perfume is one of the top gifts for Saint Valentines, Mothers Day or Christmas.

Perfume plays an essential role in our lives, unconsciously becoming OUR smell and acting directly on our emotions due to the close connection between smell and the brain. Hence, the importance of choosing the right fragrance as it demonstrates a deep understanding and affection towards the person.

To offer perfume without making a mistake, start by investigating the recipient's tastes and preferences. Study their behavior, character, dressing style, hobbies, and lifestyle for clues that could help in the selection. Discreetly check out their perfume collection, memorizing the names and dissecting the notes on sites such as Fragrantica or Parfumo.

This investigation will help understand their preferred ingredients and olfactory families.

Once you know their favorite scent, consider different variations such as a larger size, a more concentrated formula, or home fragrance versions. Another strategy is to offer a scented set that combines the perfume in different formats.

In case you enjoy a taste for risk, you can try introducing them to a new fragrance. But remember, it should align with their preferences and not necessarily yours. As a safety measure, always offer the chosen perfume with a sample or an exchange ticket, ensuring they can test it on their skin before opening the bottle.

To avoid any risk, a Discovery Set, containing samples of various fragrances, can be a safe bet, allowing them to discover their future favorite fragrance themselves.

Also you could try to give as a gift our Blind Testing Kit 


In conclusion, finding the right perfume or any gift for that matter, for a loved one is indeed challenging but achievable with some thought and effort. Remember, the goal is not just to give a gift but also to show your affection and understanding towards the person.

 So, embrace the detective in you, gather as much information as you can, and venture into the world of fragrances.

Who knows, you might become the pro at scented gifts everyone appreciates!


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