Blind Testing Guide

Article published at: Nov 5, 2022 Article author: Antonina Kozmina
Blind Testing Guide
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Stylists never tire of repeating that you can save money on the next T-shirt, but not on the accessories.

A similar rule applies when choosing a fragrance. A dull, faded smell will spoil the most thoughtful image. Conversely, a successful fragrance will make you feel like a star even in casual clothes.

  • But what scent can be called successful?
  • Are any niche perfumes suitable for you?

We will answer these and other questions further.

To buy a suitable perfume, you need to try perfume initially.

Surprisingly, the same fragrance will “sound” differently on people.

For example, a perfume “sits” perfectly on a friend, you buy the same one on her advice and end up disappointed. The fact is that each of us has unique biochemical characteristics, like fingerprints. If you are not yet familiar with the fragrance, you can listen to someone else's reviews, but it's still better to try the perfume by yourself and build up your personal opinion.

If fragrance samples are not available in your area, or if you just don't have time to shop, it's a good idea to order perfume samples online in small quantities.

Also, don't be fooled by advertising. The sonorous, advertised name can be confusing. Do not forget that you are not buying a brand or hype, but a perfume that will become your invisible business card. Listen to your feelings and associations, the opinions of others are secondary.

It is important that the fragrance is comfortable to wear  and fits your mood right now. By the way, a well-chosen perfume gives self-confidence to shy people and light and gentle fragrance- сan balance  an assertive and active character.

Therefore, you should definitely try perfumes before buy, this will allow you to buy luxury perfumes that will suit you. The best fragrances according to the media are not always the limit of perfection, and it may be that if you still decide to buy perfumes online of a particular brand, you can be disappointed. 

That is why we bring to your attention our amazing project "Blind Testing".

It involves placing an order for a random set of top fragrances from different collections. By ordering a set of blind perfume testing, you get a box containing 3 (6 or 9) fragrances of 2 ml, each of which is accompanied by a special card with a QR-code.

By clicking on it, you can learn more about the fragrance that came to you and make a decision to buy a larger bottle. This project allows you to get acquainted with various fragrances, give an objective assessment of the smell, which will be free from any prejudice associated with the name, price, how the bottle look like , brand or its history. 

In addition, no one is ever limited to buying one perfume - you should always have fragrances for every day, for a date, sports, etc. And that's not to mention the seasonality. Buying “bad” fragrances can be expensive.

Our "Blind Testing" project is a unique experience for discovering fragrances, as well as a perfect gift for him / her .

You can order a set of perfumes here:

Blind Testing Set of Perfumes 

And here you can order one of the collections of perfume sets selected by the bloggers through blind testing:

Discovery Sets of Perfumes chosen by Bloggers 


Let yourself enjoy life with a fragrance that perfectly highlights your personality.


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