Would you like some sweets?


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Would you like some sweets ? 

This Discovery set will be something special for gourmand & sweets lovers 

2 ml or 8 ml sample of One More from Francesca Del‘Oro

- chocolate, citruses, caramel with a cup of coffee … sounds too sweet, right? 

but not, it is done in a really delicate way 

2 ml or 8 ml sample of Panettone from Milano Fragranze

- you will feel real Italian Christmas 🎄

2 ml or 8 ml sample of Belle Joueusse from L‘Atelier Parfum

- raspberry tart with a hint of fruitchuli accompanied with a glass of desert wine 

Curious ? 

It is worth of trying ❤️

*in case some perfumes are not available, we will inform  you in advance & you will get a full refund for your order