Silver Ombre

Vendor : Alexandre J

Product Type : Unisex Perfume

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Silver Ombre is an utterly sophisticated oriental fragrance. The metallic appearance gives the fragrance a cold impression. At the same time, the presence of juice pear gives this fragrance a warm and fruity touch. It's a perfect fragrance for the winter season and for people who wish to start their day on a positive note. This fragrance gives a spicy cold scent that suits everyone. It captivates your senses by the opulence of unique notes.

Silver Ombre is a Spicy cold fragrance with fruity notes on the top.The first notes of juicy pear mixed with lemon zest suggest a tasty and sunny caress. Delicately, the rose is adorned with incense, sandalwood, and clove. The warm notes of amber signify a deeper and intense feel, while the amber creates a comforting essence in the air.

Top notes: Lemon, Pear
The perfume starts with the sour and sweet notes of lemon and a warm, soft touch of pear. Lemon creates a cheerful and vibrant aura around you. The pear imparts a sweet and fruity scent.

Heart notes: Rose, Olibanum,
The heart notes comprised of the woody notes of rose and olibanum. The rose gives off a refreshing and sweet aroma, while the olibanum has a calming influence on the senses.

Base notes: Modern Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Clove Bud
Base notes of silver ombre end in the base with the notes of musk and amber.
The sandalwood gives off a soft and sturdy, woody scent that lingers in the air for long.

Silver Ombre is a beautifully designed stunning fragrance in the collector collection. Alexandre J Collector collection is an amazing mix between the oriental desert and French baroque architecture. Alexandre J introduces 10 fragrances under The Collector which evokes a timeless journey, the warmth of elements, and the change of scenery. It takes you to a magical place beyond everyone’s imagination. The collector fragrances are sensual and sophisticated. The collector line is an invitation to a journey of both the mind and the body.