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Do you want to try perfumes in blind? 

Blind Testing it is when you dont know:

  • how much this perfume cost
  • what is the brand behind
  • for whom it is 
  • how the bottle looks like

What you will get:

💫3, 6 or 9 perfume samples in 2 ml volume

💫you will have only a sticker with a number on every sample

💫you will not know which scent it is immediatly

💫you will get a closed envelope with perfume names and its numbers additionally

✨open, discover , enjoy... It should be all about scent and not a brand or bottle, right? 

It will be great, if you share with us your taste and preferences. 
Give us an approximate information, if the choice of perfumes should be for everyday use or more bright. 
Text us some of your favorite perfumes by submitting the order.