The Story of Masque Milano: A Symphony of Scents

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The Story of Masque Milano: A Symphony of Scents
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Masque Milano is a beacon of artisanal excellence in the world of perfumery, offering a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and artistry. Founded in 2010 by Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi, this Italian niche fragrance house has captivated perfume enthusiasts with its meticulously crafted scents. The brand's philosophy revolves around the concept of "acts" and "scenes," with each fragrance representing a chapter in an olfactory opera.

A Heritage Rooted in Passion and Craftsmanship

Alessandro and Riccardo, both with a profound passion for art and fragrance, embarked on a journey to create perfumes that tell a story. They envisioned a brand that would combine the heritage of Italian craftsmanship with contemporary creativity. Masque Milano's commitment to quality is evident in every bottle, with each scent carefully composed by some of the world's most renowned perfumers.

Iconic Fragrances by Masque Milano

Masque Milano's portfolio boasts an array of fragrances, each with a distinct character and narrative. Here are some of their most celebrated creations available at Try Me First:

  1. Ray-Flection: This fragrance embodies the brilliance of light, blending notes of ylang-ylang, iris, and amber to create a radiant and uplifting scent.
  2. L'Attesa: Translating to "The Wait," this perfume captures the anticipation of a special moment with its sophisticated blend of champagne, iris, and leather.
  3. Russian Tea: Evoking the warmth and tradition of a Russian tea ceremony, this scent combines black tea, mint, and leather for a unique, comforting aroma.
  4. Tango Oud: A sensual and intense fragrance, Tango Oud blends oud, spices, and amber to create a rich and captivating scent.
  5. Times Square: Inspired by the vibrant energy of New York's Times Square, this perfume features notes of hazelnut, rose, and sandalwood, reflecting the city's dynamic spirit.
  6. Love Kills: A tribute to the darker side of romance, Love Kills combines rose, patchouli, and musk to create a deep, intoxicating fragrance.
  7. Sleight of Fern: This fragrance is a homage to classic fougères, with a modern twist. Notes of lavender, vetiver, and oakmoss create a fresh yet sophisticated scent.
  8. Montecristo: Named after the famous literary character, Montecristo blends tobacco, rum, and patchouli, evoking a sense of adventure and mystery.
  9. White Whale: Inspired by Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick," this scent combines marine notes, woods, and spices, capturing the essence of the sea and the thrill of the hunt.
  10. Hemingway: An ode to the legendary author, this fragrance features notes of vetiver, rhubarb, and cedarwood, reflecting Hemingway's rugged yet refined style.

The Masque Milano Experience

Each Masque Milano fragrance is more than just a scent; it is an experience that transports the wearer to another time and place. The brand's dedication to storytelling through fragrance is evident in their careful selection of ingredients and the masterful blending techniques employed by their perfumers.

By purchasing Masque Milano fragrances from Try Me First, you not only get to experience these exquisite scents but also support a platform that celebrates niche perfumery and offers a curated selection of high-quality fragrances.

Closing Thoughts

Masque Milano stands out in the world of niche perfumery for its unique approach to storytelling, exceptional craftsmanship, and dedication to quality. Each fragrance is a testament to the brand's vision of creating olfactory masterpieces that evoke emotions and memories. Whether you are new to the world of niche fragrances or a seasoned collector, Masque Milano's creations are sure to captivate your senses and enrich your fragrance wardrobe.

Discover the enchanting world of Masque Milano and explore their iconic fragrances at Try Me First. Indulge in a sensory journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the stories each fragrance tells.


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