Original Perfumes, Dupes and how not to get lost in these terms?

Article published at: Jul 20, 2023 Article author: Antonina Kozmina
Original Perfumes, Dupes and how not to get lost in these terms?
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Every person perceives the world through the senses. One of them is the sense of smell.

Smells accompany everywhere, they can tell a lot, help to learn new things, and also not to forget  things that happened in the past. The nose reacts to different aromas in a special way in each case: some fascinate from the first minute, others cause rejection.

This is the impact of perfumery as an art on a person: the desire to comprehend smells, enjoy them. At first glance, one may get the impression that the world of scents is quite traditional and recognizable: floral and citrus, woodychypre, mysterious oriental, musky or aldehydes... There is some truth in this only if we are talking about mass-market perfumes and colognes, which are widely represented on the sales market. 

We often hear from our clients: “is it original perfume?” or “is it a dupe” ?  

It is really easy to get confused in this question and there is no “yes” or “no” answer. 

But we would like to point  out initially a special group - niche perfumery (*in some countries people call it selective perfumery). This perfume segment can help you to dive into the real art, the amazing world of artistic fragrances.

Starting to create a niche fragrance, the perfumer does not follow general trends, but under the influence of his unlimited imagination creates a masterpiece. Sometimes this process can take years and a lot of money. That's why niche perfumes can vary in their price segments so much - you can find some perfumes for 100-120 usd per 100 ml bottle and some brands produce their perfumes up to 300-500 usd or even more. 

There is a certain group of people for whom the concept of style, individuality always comes first. A person wants to get the same feature from perfume. Samples of fragrances from the selective group make it possible to emphasize the uniqueness of their owners, to give a feeling of familiarization with creativity.

We can name a classic example of a famous creature in niche perfumery Baccarat Rouge 540 (launched in 2015)

There are plenty of perfumes appeared on the market after the success of this legendary scent. For example Cloud Ariana Grande (2018) , Red Temptation For Her by Zara (2020) , Burberry Her (created by the same perfumes as BR540 by the way, but in 2018) or Spirito Fiorentino by Tiziana Terenzi (2019).

Who can judge here, if all these perfumes are dupes or original in their nature?

But lets not forget, that perfumery is also a type of visual art. Sometimes perfume bottles embody the craftsmanship of their creator and a special uniqueness. So, at least all these perfumes mentioned above as dupes for Baccarat Rouge due the similarities in the scent have their own and original packaging. 

This also counts for original products from celebrities, as well as perfume from fashion houses - they are interpreting some sort of visual art at different levels, but nevertheless they are unique. And even this segment of perfumes getting a lot of “inspired by” or dupes creations after some commercial success on the market. Therefore, many are so interested in the question, where to buy perfume samples of famous brands and whether it is possible to take free samples of perfumes, before they decide to have this piece of visual art on their shelf or not, as there can be another, much cheaper alternative. ⬇

Dupes as a phenomenon are becoming really popular now. They are not fakes, as they are supplied to the market under a different brand, in a different package, and only their sound can be similar to the original products. It's not even a replica. It's just a perfume, the composition of which is similar to a luxury fragrance that has fans around the world.

Arab manufacturers are actively developing in this direction. In Arabic perfumery, in principle, there is a very clearly traced trend towards the creation of fragrances that have long been known and popular. Al Haramain and Amber Oud Tobacco Edition - a good tobacco and vanilla twist from Tom Ford, Lataf has some very decent Initio fantasies. If you take Armaf, then they were inspired by almost everything that is in demand in a niche.

It's hard to say for sure whether dupes are good or not.

Indeed, on the one hand, they do not steal customers from the brand, trying to pass off their products as a brand or a replica, on the other hand, their composition is a kind of plagiarism of luxury and niche perfumery. But even here everything is ambiguous, because dupe manufacturers usually do not hide the fact that they were inspired to create the fragrance by the already existing perfume of the fashion house. This is essentially how to start painting in the same technique as another artist, completely copying his works. The main thing to remember at the same time is that a masterpiece will not work.

As for buyers, the existence of dupes is rather a plus for them, because for affordable money you can enjoy a pleasant aroma that will be as close as possible to perfumes (top niche perfumes, scents from famous perfume companies) recognized by the world. It is each person's decision though whether they want to buy an original perfume or whether more budget dupes are suitable for them.


And what do you this about DUPES? Lets discuss it together ! 


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