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Top notes:

Magical elements from magnificent bergamot and the uniqueness of Granny Smith apples capture the hearts of the wearer.

Heart notes:

Mystifying notes of luscious fruits particularly passionfruit combined with cedar and coriander seeds compose the heart of this wonderful scent.

Base notes:

And, to complete the unique aroma, we combine patchouli, musk and amber for a seductive, sensuous base.

Formed in the hearts of immemorial stars,
Colliding as they reach the end of their lives,
Stardust embarks on its journey to Earth,
Enchanting, alluring, precious, Gold.

Dahab is the Arabic name for gold, worshipped by ancient civilizations who associated gold with the sun due to its captivating radiance. Gold’s beguiling allure has never waned over time, to this day it is treasured and desired for its miraculous beauty.

Pure gold will never tarnish, indestructible yet resilient, its brilliance never fades. Known to enhance feelings of serenity and positivity, gold represents the highest stages of spiritual enlightenment.

Since the dawn of time, gold has inspired imagination and fueled creativity. The cap of Dahab is an eight-point star, a symbol of life. Stars gave life to gold, and the eight different names for forms of gold are engraved upon the cap in beautiful, Arabic calligraphy.

Created by renowned perfumers Christian Carbonnel & Rosendo Mateu, Dahab emanates feelings of luxurious richness combined with exotic mysticism.

Dahab opens with a delectable freshness, the distinctive splendor of Granny Smith apple harmoniously blended with effervescent Bergamot. As the heart notes emerge, we discover a luscious combination of enticing Passion Fruit complemented by soft, comforting Cedar and the subtle spicy sweetness of Coriander. Dahab culminates with an exquisitely warm and inviting fusion of Musk, Amber, and Patchouli. A uniquely sensuous fragrance that exudes luxurious richness.